About The Bassment

Our vision

The vision of The Bassment is simply to provide as many high quality transcriptions to the bass community as possible. We like to make sure our transcriptions are accurate, well presented, useful to all levels of players and most importantly; keep them free!

Are the really free?

Absolutely. Any of the transcriptions found in the transcription archive are. We believe in spreading knowledge for free amongst the bass playing family. We prefer to think along the lines of donationware – obviously we have website running costs and a lot of effort goes in to the creation of the transcriptions, so if you think you can make even a small donation to us, then it would be greatly appreciated.

How can you help?

The Bassment is non-profit but does have costs, so how can you ensure The Bassment is still here in years to come? We accept donations towards the running costs (hosting costs), tell your friends and students about us, and you can also submit your own transcriptions to us and make our archive bigger!

Meet the team

Simon Merrick

Founder & Transcriber

Simon has been playing bass for over 20 years. He comes from a family of bass players, has played in various musical scenarios, and even has an Bachelor Honours Degree in Music. He wrote and published both Jamiroquai: Essential Bass Transcriptions Volumes 1 & 2, and although he now works in the IT industry, he enjoys playing and transcribing in his spare time.

Ron Mollinga

Transcription Copyist & Transcriber

Ron has been playing bass guitar for over 45 years and has had the opportunity to play with many professional musicians. He attended university for bass guitar, music arranging and childhood education. Today, Ron is a freelancing bass guitarist, music copyist and recording artist.