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Site Contributors

Without the help of the bass playing community, we wouldn’t be as good as we are! We rely on our users to submit their own transcriptions to increase the size of the archive available to the entire bass community!

Do you do transcriptions of your own that you would like to share with the bass playing community? Looking for somewhere to get your transcriptions out to other bassists? We may be able to help! Please contact us to let us know about what it is you would like to submit to our transcription archive. We accept Sibelius files (.sib), Finale Files (.mus), PDF’s as well as handwritten scores scanned in – after careful review, we will re-score in our formatting and add your transcriptions to our archive and your name will be listed below.

Many thanks to the following people for submitting transcriptions to our archive:

Daniel Stritkze (Don't Give Hate A Chance, Runaway, She's A Fast Persuader, Dean Town), Andrea Manns (Burn This Disco Out), Martyn Spencer (Killing In The Name), Martin Fowler (Shit, Damn, Motherfucker - September - Carry On Wayward Son), Ian Paterson (Forget Me Nots), Thibaut Lurton (Give Life Back to Music, She's A Fast Persuader, Feel So Good), David Jones (Caves of Altamira), Matthew Bermudez (I Got A Name), Travis Moore (Everybody Dance), Brian West (Foreign Language), Matt De Luca (I Look to You), Fabrice Donnard (Sunday Morning), Marten Schlup (Disco Inferno), Nicolas Dufour (Need To Know, Magnetic Ocean), Andre Cruz (Chicken Grease), Mark Harr (Lovely Day), Mauro Moccia (Smiling Faces), Greg Mudd (She's Calling You), Heinz Krapf (Pack My Jack), Raphaël Olive (Sweet Potato Pie, You Don't See Me, It Gets Funkier IV), Dave D'aranjo (Aces Of Aces), Berend Manders (Zombie), Johannes Kaldeway (Walk Between The Raindrops, Ruby Baby), Graham Sayers (I Will Survive), Andrew Canning (Give A Little Bit), Fred Biehler (So Different), Henry Laukkanen (Don't Start Now), Gio Gorgoni (Sir Duke, Dean Town), Mario Bertoluzzi (How Deep Is Your Love, Sunny), David Ericsson (The Ghost At Number One), John Currie (Until You Come Back To Me, Aeroplane), Fred Biehler (Respire Encore)